Most people understand that it’s necessary to perform regular maintenance on certain things. Cars need oil changes regularly, air conditioners need HVAC maintenance regularly to keep the house cool, and even humans need regular maintenance in the form of doctor and dentist visits. But what not many people think about or understand is regular HVAC maintenance for your heating system is also necessary. While heating systems are generally easier to maintain and don’t require attention as much as your car might, it’s still important for them to get HVAC maintenance regularly — especially if your furnace is more than 10 years old. In today’s blog from Hall’s HVAC in Leonardtown, we discuss a few reasons that it is wise to have regular HVAC maintenance performed on your heating system as well. 


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Keep your bills steady

As time goes by, your furnace and heating system can accumulate dust, form blockages, start to corrode, and more. These issues when left unchecked for long enough can make your system run much less efficiently. Your heating system will have to work even harder to do the same heating job it was doing so much easier before. The extra strain put on your heating system results in more energy usage and higher energy bills. When you schedule regular HVAC maintenance, you can help to keep your energy bills more consistent and your HVAC system more efficient. This makes it so the maintenance service essentially pays for itself when you factor in your savings on utilities. 

Prevent your heater from breaking down

The most compelling reason you should have regular HVAC maintenance done on your heating system is to prevent your system from going down. For the most part, all things mechanical need some attention and adjusting at regular intervals. All mechanical systems eventually fail, but it is very easy to prevent this from happening with a little love and care. The last thing you want is to need furnace repair in the middle of winter because you failed to properly maintain your system. 


You and your family rely on your heater to keep your house a warm, comfortable place to live. Don’t let something as simple as HVAC maintenance be the reason your heater goes down in the winter! Contact Hall’s HVAC in Leonardtown to schedule your appointment!


Your furnace has ventilation for exhaust, gases, and fresh air to safely flow where it needs to. When blockages form in these ventilation systems from a lack of maintenance, it can be very dangerous. This has the potential to increase the number of toxic chemicals that are in the home. A simple HVAC maintenance check can ensure your furnace is operating safely and efficiently. 


Regular maintenance should be performed on heating systems younger than 10 years old roughly every other year or as needed. Regular maintenance on systems older than 10 years old should be done annually to ensure safe, efficient, and functional operation of your heating system! Contact us at Hall’s HVAC in Leonardtown for your furnace repair and HVAC check-up needs — we are an experienced HVAC company that operates all over southern Maryland!