How to Save Money on Your Utilities With a HVAC

Does your HVAC drive up the cost of your bills? Here's how you can save money on your utilities with proper HVAC maintenance and care.

Are you shocked each month when you receive that huge heating and cooling bill? Are you fed up with the cost of trying to keep your home comfortable? Do you want to save money on your utilities? Keep reading for some incredibly simple steps that you can take today to save money on your utility bills.

Change Filters 

One of the simplest ways to save money on your utility bills is to regularly change your HVAC filters. It’s easy to forget about the filter until it becomes thoroughly clogged. At that point, the HVAC has to work harder than normal to try to pull air through it.  

The result is a higher monthly utility bill as the HVAC will have to run longer and more often. In addition, you’re shortening the life of the unit because the more the individual parts have to operate, the shorter the unit’s lifespan, So, changing the filter regularly saves money on a monthly plus it prolongs the life of your HVAC.

Each filter manufacturer will usually specify how often the filter needs to be replaced. Before inserting the new filter, you should write on the filter’s frame the date you need to change it. Another step you can take is to program a reminder into your cellphone or computer. 

Use the Correct Filter 

When it comes to filters, expensive is not always better. Your HVAC may not be capable of using one of the more costly filters. 

Check with the user’s manual of your HVAC to see what type of filter is recommended. The temptation is to upgrade to a higher quality filter. That’s an understandable desire. After all, with more and more dangerous airborne microbes expected to become common, why wouldn’t you use a better filter? 

But how can you save money on your utility bill by having the right filter? The problem with higher-quality filters is that they have a tighter mesh to capture smaller particles. The tighter mesh means that less air passes through.

So, if your HVAC isn’t designed to handle that sort of filter, it won’t raise the unit's performance but lower it. You’d put as much stress on your HVAC using the wrong filter as if you were using a clogged filter. That translates into paying more each month in utility bills.

Remove Obstructions 

Your HVAC operates best with there is no obstruction blocking the flow of air around the outside portion of the unit. Keeping the area clear can help lower your operating costs. 

Homeowners often mistakenly use their HVAC as a convenient place to lean unused lawn furniture, bicycles, garden tools, and so forth. It’s a good idea to seasonally inspect your HVACV to make sure that these sorts of items have been put away or else your unit will have to work harder than usual. 

Remove Nearby Plants 

Another mistake that homeowners make is to plant ornamental plants too close to the HVAC. The homeowner’s goal is usually to beautify the yard by flocking the view of the HVAC. However, if the plants are too close, their leaves present a real hazard. The plants will serve as a windbreak, preventing the air from flowing freely to the unit or from the unit.


It’s best to either remove or transfer your plants so that their nearest leaves will still be at least 18-24 inches from the unit. 

Take Action Now and Save Money on Your Utilities

Would you like to continue to learn how to save money on your home utility costs? Contact us today and let us tell you more ways to save money on your utilities.

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