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Air Conditioning Replacements in Southern Maryland

Is your old Air Conditioner outdated? Are your utility bills increasing? If so it may be time for a new air conditioning unit. The expert team at Hall's HVAC are here to help. We offer AC installations throughout the Southern Maryland area. 

Whether you are building a new home or need to replace your old equipment, our certified AC contractors can help you with your upcoming air conditioning installation project from start to finish. We can assess your home, help you choose the right product, and install it to your specifications.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your AC

When the time comes for a new air conditioner, there are clear signs. These signs can easily get overlooked and turn into serious problems when the unit is aging and not receiving regular maintenance services. Here are some of the most common warning signs to look out for:

Lack of Cool Airflow - If you turn on your cooling system and notice a lack of airflow, or the air is not cool, there is a good chance internal systems inside the AC are failing or broken.

Moisture Buildups - It is not uncommon for an AC unit to generate moisture. However, if there is a large amount of moisture, or leakage is pooling around the AC, then it becomes a problem. This is usually caused by a refrigerant leak and can cause serious health risks.

Unusual Sounds - Heard any banging, popping, or grinding sounds from your air conditioner? These sounds are caused by broken parts bouncing around and banging against other internal components.

High Energy Bills - When an AC ages or malfunctions it has to work harder and use more power to run at the same level a newer & properly working unit would have to.

Bad Smells - Similarly to sounds, bad odors can begin to appear from a malfunctioning AC. Your air conditioner should be producing neutral smelling air at all times.

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